Skilled breastfeeding

information and help

***  Upcoming Antenatal Breastfeeding Preparation classes  ***

'Trust your body, trust your baby'.

November 13th and 20th.  6pm - 7.30pm

 Wellness Centre Dumfries, George Street Meuse DG1 1HH (tucked behind Greyfriars Church)

My next classes are planned for early 2020.  Contact me to register your interest.

Informal and Inspiring with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

I will cover everything that you need to feel confident about getting off to a good start.

Session one: Plenty of reasons to give breastfeeding a go; baby instincts; latching basics.
Session two: Being confident of a good milk supply; potential challenges; social considerations.

  For further information and booking, please contact me.

Hello and welcome, whether you are:

  • Still pregnant and looking for feeding information before baby arrives
  • Struggling with the early days or weeks of breastfeeding a new baby
  • Encountering a breastfeeding challenge - even after a trouble-free start
  • Just feeling that something is not right, or that you have got in a muddle with feeding
  • Wondering whether your baby's feeding style or behaviour is normal, etc....!

Whatever stage this finds you, my way of working is to offer:

  • A listening ear and a gentle, compassionate approach
  • TIME to hear your story, assess feeding and talk through your feelings
  • TIME to take account of all aspects of your situation. The 'Big Picture' is important - there is so much more to breastfeeding than just following a set of instructions
  • Time to explain what is happening, explore your options and help you draw up a feeding plan that works for you and your family.    
  • Information and options - there are always options. 
  • Ongoing support as you work towards your feeding goals.

Together, we can talk things through and draw up a strategy that will work for you

Based in Dumfries; Covering South West Scotland, Cumbria and beyond