Before baby arrives...  

Be curious about breastfeeding… Make a positive feeding decision… Prepare for a confident start….  

*** Antenatal Breastfeeding Preparation classes ***

'Trust your body, trust your baby'

These sessions are currently being held virtually using Zoom.   Some recent feedback below.... 

'Very informative and definitely helped to build my confidence as I approach my due date.'

'I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable thanks to Jill. It was lovely not having to drive anywhere too '

'Thank you Jill! It was a good way to do the classes in the comfort of our own homes, and lovely to be able to meet other mums to be in these times as well. And great to have local expert support!'  

'Thank you very much Jill, I'm sure in a few weeks your words of wisdom will become invaluable to all of us '


Informal and Inspiring with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. 

I will cover everything that you need to feel confident about getting off to a good start: 

Information, Ideas, Time to talk; Relaxation; Mindful practices

Session one: Plenty of reasons to give breastfeeding a go; baby instincts; how babies feed and latching basics.
Session two: Being confident of a good milk supply; potential challenges; social considerations;

For further information and booking, please contact me.

I offer several antenatal class options:

'Preparation for Breastfeeding' Antenatal classes

For those who plan to breastfeed and would like to be well prepared.  These classes are for you.... and, if you wish, your partner or another close friend or family member who will be supporting you in the early weeks. 

I offer a set of 2 classes, covering what I consider to be the essential basics, each 1.5 hours long, usually over 2 weeks.  (I find that a single class is never enough - there is so much to talk about!).  

Topics covered: 

  • Why breast milk and breastfeeding are important
  • The role of instincts and hormones 
  • How milk is made and how babies feed 
  • Why a good latch is key 
  • What to expect in the early days 
  • Some common difficulties and potential challenges 
  • Support - more than a good bra! 
  • The role of partners and other helpers
  • Normal BF baby behaviour - some realities
  • Anything you want to ask/find out

One-to-one Antenatal Session

A personal antenatal class tailored to your specific needs.  This might work well for you if your work commitments don't fit in with the scheduled classes, or if you have particular issues that you would like to be able to discuss in more depth.  Generally a single 2-hour session, but I am happy to extend this. The class can either be held in your own home, or at my own comfortable office space in Dumfries.

I can also offer a similar session to a small group of mums-to-be. Please contact me to discuss.

Debrief of a previous experience

If your breastfeeding experience with a previous baby was not satisfactory, it can help to talk this through now before the arrival of the new baby. There are lots of reasons why breastfeeding does not always work out well and gaining some insight into contributing factors will help you to prepare positively for breastfeeding this time around.

‘Find out more about Breastfeeding’ - A general antenatal session

An open session to which all parents-to-be are welcome, regardless of current feeding plans.  Learn a little more about the many positive aspects of breastfeeding as well as some of the realities.  A good way to meet me informally, to ask any questions and to maybe share some hopes and concerns. 

I hope that this session will inspire you to be curious about breastfeeding as well as positive and realistic about breastfeeding, however, there is absolutely no pressure to breastfeed or any commitment expected from you.

There will be a minimal charge only for these sessions.  See my facebook page or contact me for details.

Gift Vouchers

My Gift Vouchers can be made up for any amount.  They can be used towards either an antenatal class or a postnatal consultation. 

Why not ask friends/family for a gift voucher for your baby shower? A great way for them to show their support for breastfeeding!