My aim is to provide a quality, affordable service which will enable more mothers to feel confident about breastfeeding

The sooner you seek information or help, the easier it will be to resolve any difficulties.

I offer:

  • "Breastfeeding for real" confidence building sessions with your newborn
  • Consultations for managing breastfeeding challenges
  • Information on a range of scenarios, for example:
    • Premature baby
    • Expressing
    • Twins/multiples
    • Breastfeeding in difficult circumstances
    • Medications
    • Weaning
    • Going back to work, etc.

For local families, I am able to carry out consultations in the comfort of your own home. Further than a 10-mile radius from Dumfries, it is usually more expedient for you to come to me. I appreciate that many parents who find my website may live quite a distance away, so consultations can also be carried out by phone, skype or email. I may also be able to put you in touch with assistance in your own area.

One-to-one "Breastfeeding for Real" - 1-hour session

Designed to give you and your newborn baby confidence at the start of your breastfeeding journey, covering:

  • The basics of how breastfeeding works
  • A good latch and practice with this
  • Getting really comfortable
  • Trusting your instincts and those of your baby
  • Strategies for getting through the day / night
  • Looking after yourself
  • Any queries or concerns you may have

Help and support with more complex breastfeeding challenges

Sometimes, additional assistance and an in-depth consultation are required. I am happy to hear from anyone facing difficulties at any stage. If you are experiencing any of the following, it is very likely that you would benefit from assistance:

  • Pain in your breasts or nipples
  • Baby struggling to latch or 'fighting' at the breast
  • Baby still crying and unsettled after feeds
  • Apparent milk supply issues
  • Feeds regularly lasting over an hour and/or running into each other
  • Baby not gaining adequate weight
  • Something just doesn't feel right or anything that is a concern for you.

What to expect during a consultation:

  • A feeding history, including any medical information and your pregnancy / birth story
  • Observation of your baby feeding, to allow me to understand what is happening at the breast
  • Assessing your baby's oral anatomy
  • Breast assessment
  • A likely explanation of what is causing your situation: information, options and ideas
  • Practice with latch techniques and different positions
  • Discussion of your personal feeding goals, your own feelings and any limiting factors
  • Drawing up a workable strategy
  • 2 follow up calls or emails are also included.

Information on a range of topics and scenarios             

Balanced information on a wide range of breastfeeding-related situations.  Examples include: prematurity; maternal health or medication issues; expressing; going back to work; feeding twins or multiples; weaning onto solids; ending breastfeeding; induced lactation for adoptive parents or surrogacy; using a feeding supplement device; responsive bottle feeding.

There is no such thing as a silly question... only a need to understand what, how and why and some ideas to assist you navigate the options.  Breastfeeding scenarios don't always have simple black and white solutions, whatever others may say.... I am always happy to help parents understand the shades of grey.    

I also often find that parents want reassurance about normal feeding behaviour at different stages, or have questions about infant sleep. 

Please feel free to get in touch to outline your situation and discuss how I may be able to help. I am always happy to answer any questions about my service and there is no charge for a brief initial call.


Disclaimer: Lactation Consultants have the expertise and skills to assist in a wide range of situations. However, even the most skilled practitioners occasionally find that they are not able to help parents achieve their desired outcome. In such situations, I hope that it will be of benefit to have explored all the options and also to have some understanding of the underlying reasons. I often find that mothers who have already passed the 'point of no return' welcome the opportunity to understand their feeding history. I can also provide information on sensitive bottle feeding or mixed feeding.